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Need to know: Why we never wash our hair everyday!

We’ve all been there. You’ve had a long day at work and then boom you remember you have a dinner date or drinks with the girls and having the perfect do is one thing you wish you could just tick off your to-do list in record time. Well, first things first: Consider if you actually need to wash your hair tonight or if you can get away with a little ‘second-day’ style. Many of us over wash our hair thinking that we’re keeping it squeaky clean, without realising the damage we’re doing.

Daily hair washing: Why it’s not a good idea

Excessive washing can irritate the scalp causing dryness, or it can do the opposite by sending your body into overdrive and cause it to produce excess oil, leaving your hair looking greasy. We often find that many of our clients say their is hair is just too oily if they don’t wash it everyday, however, this oil is caused by over washing. Washing your hair every day strips it of the natural oils which help protect the hair and scalp.

How often should you wash your hair?

For most people washing your hair every other day is the norm. If you have thick or curly hair you should be able to get away with washing it every three to four days.

What shampoo and conditioner should you use? 

It’s important to use the right type of shampoo and conditioner for your hair type as well as a brand that is designed to nourish, clean and protect the hair and most importantly your scalp. This is why love the products we use-both Original and Mineral and Davines, are sulphate free, low chemical and naturally derived. Check out our blog post on all things shampoo and conditioner or pop in and ask your stylist what range is best for you.

1. Brush the hair from root to tip to distribute the natural oils from the scalp to the hair strands. Then, tease the roots to create volume while keeping the ends tamed.

2. For curly hair, mist in some water or a leave-in conditioner, then scrunch to revitalize the curls

3. Spray the roots with a dry shampoo and ad moisture to the ends with an oil.

4. Try an easy second-day ‘do’ our favourite second-day hair looks are messy buns, fishtail braids, beachy waves and half up half down dos.

Second-day life savers! 

Original and Mineral’s Frizzy Logic: Combat humidity, fight off frizz and tame out of control curls while adding much needed moisture.

Davies hair Refresher: This spray leaves the hair with a just-washed feeling and revived look, no water or blow-dry require. What we LOVE about this product is, unlike other dry shampoos it leaves no colour behind.

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