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Monthly Archives: June 2017

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New to K-Store

K-Store offers a curated selection of boutique decorative, interior objects and beauty products from both local and international brands. We are expanding our little gift shop and are excited to share our new products with you! Read more

Need to try: Lash Lift

Move over eyelash curler. Do you want wider looking eyes and naturally extended lashes with pretty much zero maintenance involved? Enter the "Lash Lift" a fantastic alternative. Read more

Need to know: Treatments, why, when and what!

We are strong believers in treating oneself, as often as possible. Even if its as simple as rewarding oneself with a glass of wine for… Read more

Need to try: Cezanne Smoothing Treatment

At Kundalini we are big on healthier alternatives, safer practices for our clients and staff and long lasting results. When looking into a straightening and smoothing treatment we knew we wanted a product that not only delivers results but also isn't harsh on the hair. Read more

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