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Need to know: How to Blowdry your hair at home and make it last

We love freshly blowdried locks just as much, if not more, than the next person and we know that feeling when you leave the salon, blowdry swaying in the wind, spring in your step and grin between your cheeks. So we are giving you our tips on how to get salon styled locks at home and how to make them last.

We know that if our hair looks good we feel good. Some people go so far as to say a ‘good hair day’ is directly linked to confidence, and can even impact how we conduct ourselves day to day. Here are our top tips for the perfect #blowdry:

  • Shampoo your hair twice every time you wash your hair, oily hair simply won’t blowdry as well.
  • Towel dry your hair.
  • Prep your hair with styling products to ensure it lasts.
  • Use a powerful blow dryer with a nozzle.
  • Start by blowdrying and soothing your roots with your fingers, staying away from your ends.
  • Once most of the moisture is gone section out your hair- section your hair from the bottom, around from the temples and then above the ears.
  • Use a round or paddle brush when blowdrying and blow-dry sections no larger then your brush.
  • Finish up by flicking your hairdryer to its ‘cool’ setting-the cold air will seal your blow-dry and make it last forever… or at least an extra day or two.

The reason our blowout either falls out of style or falls into ‘oily’ territory is down to two things. First you didn’t wash your hair properly, don’t worry we have a blog for this also. Two its the products, or lack there of, while styling and the ones apply post blowdry. Products to help you achieve salon perfect tresses:

To detox your scalp we recommend Original and Mineral’s ‘Detox Shampoo’ the second should eliminate any excess dirt or oil. This is especially important if you want to blow-dry and style your hair because oily hair just WONT blow-dry the way you want it to.

S Original Detox

Using a leave-in detangling moisturiser which also protects against heat will help your hair bowdry smoother as well as stay hydrated, our top pick is always Original and Mineral’s ‘Know Knott’.

Know Knott

Smooth and sleek? ‘Project Sukuroi’ from Original and Mineral will leave your hair feeling like liquid gold. Volumous blowbry? Add root lift and bounce with Original and Mineral’s ‘Rootalicious’ volumsing moose.

Original Mineral Project Sukuroi Gold Smoothing Balm 100ml-250x250

Now how do we prolong that bouncy, fresh, clean and immaculate feeling of a fresh blowout, and stave off the wilted, limp and oily strands of day’s two, three and beyond?

For many of us dry shampoo acts as a saving grace when we have slept in, pushed it a little too hard at the gym or just couldn’t be bothered to style our hair again for work. However, to prevent the oil building up in the first place, we apply a small spray of dry shampoo directly to the part line and around the hairline post blowdry. You can repeat this each evening with a light dusting of dry shampoo before you hop into bed to ensure you wake up to another day of fresh tresses.

Styles to try on day two and three:


Textured bun: Unless its sleeked back, a bun without texture is just kind of sad. And it’s that much harder to build on with just-washed hair.

Dry slick back: Perfect if you love the slicked-back feel, but don’t want to commit to a just-out-of-the-shower look. Rake your couple-day-old hair back and set with a mix of

Beachy waves: This is one of our ultimate dirty hair go-tos, your fountains are already laid, simply add loose uninformed curls and add life with dry shampoo or texturising spray.

For the perfect shampoo head to our blog: ‘Are you washing your hair properly?’

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Words: Ruby Noble  – Images: Pinterest and Original Mineral

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