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One night only - with Gritty Pretty

We were lucky enough to find ourselves in Melbourne last week at the Gritty Pretty ‘One Night Only’ event with Gritty Pretty editor, Eleanor Pendleton and Maybelline New York Makeup Director, Nigel Stanislaus.

The two talked makeup dos and don’t, their own personal makeup and beauty regrets, including over plucked brows which we have all fallen victim of once or twice, beauty tips, how to find the perfect foundation and how to flawlessly blend a smoky eye. We took notes and asked questions so we could bring you our top tips from the beauty masters themselves. So here they are.

Finding the right shade of foundation and how to blend it: Have you found yourself in the middle of Mecca or the drug store with 200 different brands, shades and foundation types in front of you and not a single shop assistant or makeup artist in sight?
We have Nigel’s tips for finding your perfect shade for any season. First every woman (and man) should own two foundations, one for those winter months and one for when you’re looking oh so sun kissed. Finding your perfect shade might seem hard at first but Nigel’s tips make it easy, for your perfect winter shade he suggests smudging a “dollop” of foundation on your jawline, if it ‘disappears’ or ‘blends’ its the shade for you. If you hit the beach a lot or like to fake tan in summer try your collar bones and repeat the dolloping process, you can always add depth with a bronzer.


How to apply foundation: Here is a little trick we really love for applying flawless natural looking foundation, start by applying the foundation to the centre of your face (or the ‘war zone’ as Nigel calls it) and working the remainder outwards towards your forehead,  jawline and neck. We have already seen a difference.

Highlight dos and don’ts: Nigel’s highlight tips were simple, figure out where the light hits your cheek bones, nose and chin and don’t get too crazy.

All about the brows baby: Don’t over pluck, fill in the gaps but you don’t look like you’ve attacked your face with a sharpie.

quick tips:
– Skin should ALWAYS look like skin!
– Match your foundation to your skin tone, type and colour, you can always add more colour with bronzers and highlighters after.
– SPF 50 is your best friend. Find a skin primer or moisturiser with added SPF!
– Add a little liquid illuminator into your moisturizer or foundation for added glow.


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Words: Ruby Noble (Just Like Us) – Images: Gritty Pretty and Kundalini Hair

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