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Need to know: Healthy Skin Habits

Like no two of us have the same hair type or needs, the same goes for our skin needs, each is totally unique to us but one thing is for certain: if you’re not looking after your skin it is going to be almost impossible to get the results you want from your makeup. Before you slap on the foundation or artfully draw on your liner its important to be confident and happy with your ‘no makeup selfie’ skin. We believe beautiful makeup starts with a healthy, clean canvas so we are sharing our top seven skin tips.

1. Spring Cleaning:

Warmth, moisture, dead skin cells and nasty germs make for the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and breakouts.  To keep from subjecting your skin to any unnecessary breakouts keep towels, wash clothes and bed sheets on a high rotation.

2. H2O:

Hydrate! One of our biggest healthy habits and always on our list whether it be for your hair or skin is everyones favourite H2O. How many glasses of water are you really getting through each day? Moisturiser won’t cut it here as it’s designed to lock moisture in, rather than hydrate top up your water glass, sip tea (herbal is best) and be sure that your skin is getting what it needs and wants.

3. Oil it up BABY:

Don’t be afraid, even you ‘oily skin’ gals and guys, to experiment with oils and find a blend that works for you. Rose hip, sea buckthorn and even olive oil are all good places to start. Soak it up. 

4. Ooh baby its hot outside:

With summer (slowly) on its way its important to keep yourself and your skin sun safe. If you’re not into applying a thick layer of sunscreen under your make-up every day (who is?) opt for a SPF-rich foundation, BB cream, moisturiser or primer that will add protection and no extra steps to your routine. Need a handing picking just one? We go crazy for Mecca Cosmetica’s To Save Face Superscreen SPF 50+, which is used under foundation.

5. Know when to say goodbye:

Why use a product that’s doing nothing for you? All makeup has an expiry date and this is one rule that should never be broken or ignored. Replacing your make-up once it has reached its use-by date is important not only to protect you from breakouts or infection but also, once open, ingredients with your products begin to break down and their efficacy dwindles.

6. Take it off:

When it comes to post makeup habits nothing is as important as taking it off. We have all been there, early drinks turns in to late night cocktails and before you know it your hopping into be at 2am. This doesn’t mean you can’t wash off the days makeup. Your skin will thank you in the morning. We love keeping it as natural, fragrance and additive free  as possible, so we love Bioderma Sensibio H2O Solution Micellaire Cleanser which cleanses impurities and removes make-up while respecting the skin’s natural balance.

7. Beauty sleep:

Just like changing your sheets is important, the quality of your bedding comes into play when it comes to great skin. Dirty, cheaply manufactured and synthetic bedding doesn’t allow your skin to breath. We can’t go past silk pillowcases when it comes to silk allows your skin to glide, whereas cotton scratches and tugs on delicate facial skin causing it to dry out, resulting in premature stretching and sleep-crease. Our favourite silk products? SLIP, available in salon in an array of hues silk pillow cases $79.95  and eye masks $39.95.

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Words: Ruby Noble (Just Like Us) – Images: Pinterest

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