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Why we made the change from Olaplex to PCC

We want our blonde fresh and our ends to remain in tact. We want thicker stronger strands. We want smoother longer lasting blowdries. And we want it all now, with little maintenance. Does that sound like you too?

We are constantly researching, testing and obsessing over new products to find the best on the market to share with you. This is why we have made the change from Olaplex to PCC (Protection Cheveux Complexe) so you can make your hair dreams reality, without compromising the integrity of your hair.

Protection Cheveux Complexe is a new dimension in hair cosmetics. A real milestone in research and development from La Biosthétique: The revolutionary active ingredient complex protects, restructures and conditions the hair both inside and outside during and after chemical treatments. The hair structure is lastingly renewed, the hair is conditioned and sealed and regains its natural beauty.

Don’t get us wrong we think Olaplex is great but the difference is, PCC lasts in the hair and works to restore hair to its virgin state permanently, whereas the competitors break down after a while. PCC is no bandaid product, concentrated molecular protection complex fills gaps inside the hair’s network, known as sulphur bonds, during the processing time of bleach, colour and perms, and deposits new keratin into these gaps or breaks in the structure. The hair structure is renewed, the hair is conditioned and sealed and regains its natural beauty.


* WITHOUT PCC (see photo, hair top)
 There can be broken open sulphur bonds (oxidation damage)
Gaps in the hair structure due to reduction of the amount of keratin in the hair
Rough and damaged hair surface

* WITH PCC (see photo, hair bottom)
Protection and formation of the sulphur bonds
Keratin in the hair is maintained
The surface of the hair is regenerated and protected

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 9.18.13 AM

The Result:
· Proven to significantly reduce hair breakage.
· Much stabler, more resistant hair.
· Protection and renewal of the molecular hair structure from within.
· 20 % more softness.
· Hair restored to virginlike state.
· Healthy and naturally beautiful hair.

Let us make your hair dreams come true. For appointments or more info call us on (02) 6237 7766 or email us at Reception@kundalinihair.com.au or visit us in salon. Kundalini Hair is located within the Hotel Realm precinct, Barton Canberra.

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Words: Ruby Noble (Just Like Us) and Original & Mineral – Images: Original & Mineral


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