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Need to know: Summer haircare

This summer its time to embrace the sun (with a good layer SPF tinted moisturiser) dive into salt water and wash away 2017. The upside to beach hair is well documented: sun-kissed highlights, salty crunchy texture, the cool-girl waves that come from doing absolutely nothing but laying in the sand and sun. But what about the downside?

After a year of haircare and appointments to get the perfect colour or cut its important that while your on holiday, so is your hair. Amp up the hydration and treatments even if you’re putting down the blowdrier and curling wand. Here are our top 5 tips for #summer haircare:

Knots can lead to splitting and breakage, which may explain why your hair seems to stop growing at a certain point. To avoid tangles and help each strand reach its full potential we recommend using a silk pillowcase, as cotton pulls at the hair while you sleep.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again there is nothing we like more than a treatment especially after a big week at the beach. Take a little luxury away with you from Original & Mineral:


Original and Mineral’s *Power Base* will help to rebuild and strengthen damaged hair. Its two-in-one treatment will add strength to hair but also leave it looking glossy and healthy. Is an intense soy and silk protein to rebuild and strengthen hair. Is a clever two in one treatment, adding both protein and moisture to your hair. Uses sweet almond oil to add gloss and shine with collagen and protein which rebuilds the hair.

Original and Mineral’s *Seven Day Miracle Moisture Masque* is a delicious, hydrating cream to replenish stressed or dry locks. This intense moisture masque is suitable for all hair types, and nourishes the hair with it’s unique blend of Australian native oils. (available in travel sizes)

It’s no secret that heat styling is bad for your hair and excessive heat can do serious DAMAGE to your locks. The summertime is ideal for air-drying hair to reveal its natural texture but we know its hard to avoid heat styling completely. We recommend you pick your battles, if you’re spending the weekend at home why not towel or air dry? If you have to use your curling iron or straightener everyday lower the heat and use products that protect against the heat.

Just like keeping your skin and body hydrated in summer it is also important to hydrate and moisturise your hair. Using a protective products against salt, sun and chlorine is especially important at this time of year. We love using products from Original & Mineral at this time of year because they are made from natural Australian ingredients, Know Knott Detangling Spray and Surf Bomb are always in your beach bag.

Frequent washing strips your scalp of its natural oils, which in turn stimulates additional oil production and makes you feel the need to wash it even more. When it does come time to wash your salty locks ensure to condition well, your dehydrated locks will thank you. 

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Words: Ruby Noble (Just Like Us)  – Images: Original & Mineral

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