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Need to know: Growing your hair

Unfortunately there is no magical potion for long hair, or we would all have mermaid locks like Blake Lively. Here are our healthy hair hacks for growing your locks.

If your goal is to get long hair fast, it’s just as essential to keep your hair’s health in check.

Commit to Regular Micro-Trims
Getting regular trims will make my hair grow faster… Getting a regular trim does not promote hair growth; this is one myth we’re all probably guilty of promoting.

Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase
Knots can lead to splitting and breakage, which may explain why your hair seems to stop growing at a certain point. To avoid tangles and help each strand reach its full potential we recommend using a silk pillowcase, as cotton pulls at the hair while you sleep.

Clean Slate – Cleansing is the foundation of any hair-care regimen—With a healthy, clean scalp comes healthy hair! Using a cleansing shampoo cleans, prevents build up of oils and removes dandruff. Our must have detox product is Original & Mineral’s *Detox Shampoo*. With peppermint and tea tree to cleanse, invigorate and cool the scalp this product will make your hair feel minty fresh.

Protein Time – Do a weekly treatment, protein and moisturising treatments are your new pest friend.

I’m growing out my hair, so I’m avoiding my hairdresser…
In the same vein as above, if your goal is to get your hair long, cancelling your standing appointment with your hairdresser can be more detrimental and harder to deal with long-term, than saying goodbye to those old centimetres in the short-term. Ironically, scissors are your friend. Although getting regular trims to snip splits won’t make your hair actually grow faster, it will keep tips looking healthy and prevent splits from working their way up strands, requiring you to chop hair off more often.

Brush That Hair Girl
Like the old myth goes brushing your hair 100 times a day might actually be true -Brushing stimulates the hair follicles at the base of your scalp, and helps the natural oils to be spread from root to tip.

Cool down
Give your hair a break when it comes to hot tools, chemical relaxers, or any other tool or service that causes a lot of damage to your hair. The healthier your hair is, the longer it will grow.

Switch up your pony placement. It’s an easy move that can help maintain the integrity of your strands wherever you tend to secure your ponytail all the time, which means they’ll continue to grow out strong and damage-free.

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