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Need to know: Instagram Worthy Gym Hair!

We don’t know about you, but for us half the fun of exercising — aside from the adrenaline rush and boost of endorphins, is getting to treat yourself post workout. Our favourite reward? Brunching. But before we get off topic and start rattling off our favourite Canberra brunch haunts, let’s discuss your post-workout/workout hair options, shall we?

Here are our top three gym products and post gym hairstyles:

ONE: We like Invisibobble hair ties, which allow you to secure your hair into a ponytail without any risk of kinks. Failing that, a braid is the best option for exercise – it will stay put no matter how intense your activity, and has the added bonus of leaving you with S-bend waves when you take it out.

TWO: Dry shampoo is our answer to all lives problems post or pre gym.

THREE: Start with a good base. Regular sweat sessions can lead to an itchy, irritated scalp, so it’s vital to use a shampoo and conditioner designed to boost hair health and prevent flaking. Original and Mineral’s Detox is the perfect way to start your cleansing process and ensures the hair is ready for the second shampoo using your specific hair type range. Detox is designed to neutralise and balance excess oil from hair and scalp without drying the hair out. With pepermint to cleanse, invigorate and cool the scalp how could you go past it?

Take gym devotees like Gigi Hadid, Dakota Johnson and every Kardashian sister as your ultimate gym and post gym #hairspo -from the barbell to brunch.


Boxer Braids:

Create a textured foundation by spraying a dry shampoo from roots to ends, we recommend Davines Hair Refresher.
From a middle part, create two sections starting at the hairline ending at the nape.
Clip one section to the side for control.
French braid close to the scalp until you reach the nape.
Once you reach the nape, continue with a free hanging braid.
Secure with elastic.
Repeat on the other side.
Finish by pulling braids to loosen and give an effortless appearance.


Half Bun:

Part hair into a loose centre parting before taking the top third section and pulling up into a ponytail as high or as low as you’d like the knot .
Wrap the ponytail round itself so it forms a bun and pin in place.
Leave the lengths of the rest of the hair down we like to add a little movement or texture by lightly GHD curling random sections to create soft waves that aren’t too uniform.
Finish with some dry texturising spray throughout the mid-lengths and ends and you’re good to go!


Twisted Topknot:

Create a tight neat ponytail at the top of the head.
Take two sections and create a rope braid, simply twisting them together. Next, go over the braid with hairspray to smooth all of the flyaways.
Twist the rope braid around the elastic.
Secure the topknot in place with hair pins.
To keep your hair in place spray your hands with Original & Mineral’s Original Queen and run your hands along the top of your head securing fly aways.

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Words: Ruby Noble (Just Like Us) – Images: Pinterest

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