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Here our our top three lazy girl glam looks that will take from from the workplace to your date night wonderfully and they are perfect for all hair lengths and types.


“HUN” aka half up and down bun

  1. Part hair into a loose centre parting before taking the top third section and pulling up into a ponytail.
  2. Wrap the ponytail round itself so it forms a bun and pin in place.
  3. Leave the lengths of the rest of the hair down and lightly GHD curl in random sections to create soft waves that aren’t too uniform.
  4. Finish with some dry texturising spray throughout the lengths.


When your regular top knot is feeling stale, add some flair with a braided bun!

  1. Create a triangular shaped section from each temple to the crown of the head then clip away.
  2. Flip head upside down and brush all hair forward. Starting at the nape of the neck, create a Dutch French braid, by adding hair underneath each section instead of over, braiding up the head.
  3. Use your fingers to pull apart the sides of the braid and create random texture.
    Twist and loop the remaining hair and any left over braid to create a topknot, then secure with pins.
  4. For a firmer hold spray hair with Original Mineral Original Queenie hairspray.


The great thing about ponytails is they don’t have to be picture perfect. As chic and sleek as a low ponytail is, there’s something fun and flirty about a voluminous and texturised ponytail that sits high.

  1. Begin by spraying Original and Mineral *Surf Bomb* texturizing spray section by section and blow drying the hair with a large round brush.
  2. Add rough random curls with a GHD or curling Iron, leaving the ends out.
  3. Next you’ll want to use a dry shampoo or textureizing spray to add even more volume and texture.
  4. Then pull the hair into a ponytail and wrapped a small piece of the ponytail around the elastic to cover it and secure with a hair pin.

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Words: Ruby Noble (Just Like Us) – Image: Pinterest

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