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How To: Care for your hair this winter

With winter comes dry, static and thirsty hair, especially if you move frequently between overheated offices to biting cold temperatures outside.

Here are our top winter hair tricks and guide to the products you’ll never want to live without this winter.

Take your time:
Wait until your hair is around 70-80 percent dry before bringing out the hair dryer or hot tools. If you hear a sizzle or smell a faint burning smell when your straightener comes into contact with your hair, put it down and try to wait it out. This is where towel drying comes in, take the extra few minutes to really ensure your hair is free from moisture before using hot tools.

Don’t wash everyday:
Colder, less humid days means your hair produces less oil. This means you shouldn’t need to wash it as frequently as in summer. If you continue to wash your hair as often, natural oils will be stripped away and your hair will dry out.

Never skip a heat protector:
This is important no matter what the season but becomes particularly important in winter when leaving the house with wet hair becomes a no no. Our go heat protectors are Original & Mineral’s Frizzy Logic, which will also help combat frizz and add shine and Know Knott also from Original & Mineral which detangles and hydrates. These two products are perfect for all year round but really thrive with dry winter locks.

Don’t take good hair ties for granted:
This is another one of those rules that we live by all year round. In winter brittle hair can easily snap or get caught in cheap hair ties. We don’t go anywhere without oud invisibobbles. Must have!

No scrub:
Love your hair. Giving your hair a good scrub with a towel may make the drying process faster but in the long run it makes your hair knotted and irritates the hair cuticle.

Hydration is key:
Like in the harsh summer our hair craves water in winter, and so does our skin and body. We recommend heaps of H2O accompanied by hydrating hair products.

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Words: Ruby Noble (Just Like Us) and Original & Mineral – Images: Original & Mineral

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