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Need to know: are you washing your hair properly?

How do i wash my hair at home so i get a great clean and blowdry like in a salon? This may sound like a silly one but we find that its a question we get asked daily. We have have come together and narrowed it down to our top five dos and don’ts for the perfect hair wash.

Ice ice baby:
To add shine and eliminate oils its all about your water temperature. Overly hot water opens the hair follicles, making them susceptible to dryness and breakage. We recommend you wash your hair in water, followed by a shot of cold water to closes the hair follicle.

Failing to thoroughly rinse out shampoo and conditioner is the hair care equivalent of sleeping in your make-up or not washing off a face mask. Leaving these products in the hair means its more likely to be oily the next day, your blowdry will take longer and you can also experience itching from product build up.

Two times the fun:
Two is our magic number. Two shampoos before you condition. Two is also the amount of times we recommend you wash your hair in a week. While you may love that oh-so-clean feeling, washing your hair more than twice a week can actually do more harm than good as washing too often can cause build up of oil.

Change it up:
And we don’t just mean your hairstyles. Just like your beautician recommends using a cleanser before your toner and moisturiser we recommend using a cleansing shampoo first, a shampoo suited to your hair type second and then your conditioner.

All about the ends:
When it comes to conditioner its important you focus on the ends of your hair, this is the driest part of your hair.We recommend you avoid your roots during this step, especially if you like body and lift in your blowdry conditioner on the roots can weigh it down.

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Words: Ruby Noble (Just Like Us) – Images: Pinterest and Just Like Us

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