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Meet the team: Premier stylist Lacey

Have you met Lacey? Over the next few weeks we are introducing you to your favourite stylists and a few of our unsung heroes. We have asked all our staff to answer a few questions to help you get to know them better and help make choosing the right stylist for you easier.

Lacey is the newest member to join our premier stylist team. With 17 years experience in the industry both in Melbourne and Canberra we are so excited to have her on our team.

When asked Lacey couldn’t pick just one aspect of hairdressing that she liked more than others but said she can’t go past blondes, from high fashion pastels to lived in and sun kissed and short sharp sculptural bobs or pixie haircuts, she loves all cuts edgy and fun.

Q. If you were on a deserted island what would your hair saviour/s be?
A. My go to hair saviour is Project Sukuroi, everyday is castaway with my curly mane. How can you go past a product literally modelled on liquid gold?

Q. When you’re not in the salon you are probably?
A. When I am not in the salon I am constantly searching for beauty… beauty in colour , beauty in architecture, beauty in photography and people. I like to look for inspiration in everything I can , it gets my creativity flowing in my work in the salon.

Q. Favorite hair trend/moment/style of all time?
A. Hard question, I am always going to lean to the 70s on this one. My go to girl of hairspiration will always be Stevie Nicks , just her fringe alone has inspired so many looks #totalfangirl.

Q. If you weren’t a hairdresser what would you be?
A. If I wasn’t a hairdresser I would be a travel writer and photographer. Travelling my husband and son across the globe. What a world we have to explore!

Q. Why do you love Original & Mineral?
A. I love Original and Mineral because it’s the best product and colour range hands down. One word INTEGRITY, it’s in everything this company touches. The colours are vibrant, rich and shiny. I have never experienced the shine and luxury this color brings to all hair types and tones, follow that up with high end , fashion forward and vegan products….it’s hairdresser heaven.

Q. Why do you love hairdressing and what aspect do you love most?
A. I love hairdressing for so many reasons the creativity, the human connection, making people feel great about themselves. I really don’t descrimanate in my enjoyment but I will keep it short and sweet, short haircuts always a great time ! Blondes, blondes, blondes -warm, dirty, pastel, lived in I them all.

Q. What is your favourite movie?
A. My movie choices are not as highbrow as my hair and art choices call me lame but Johhny Castle and Dirty Dancing.

Q. Why do you love KUNDALINI?
A. I love Kundalini because of the team and the salon Susie has created are beautiful, professional and ahead of trends . The training and encouragement we are given is just beyond. Everyone is super friendly and always striving to better themselves as stylists. What more could you want? Oh and it’s fun with amazing products!

As a special introductory offer we are giving you a FREE in-salon Original & Mineral treatment valued at $30 when you book in with Lacey for a colour or haircut for the month of September, mention this offer at the time of booking.

If Lacey sounds like the perfect stylist for you please call us on (02)6273 7766 or email us at reception@kundalinihair.com.au. Kundalini Hair is located within the Hotel Realm precinct, Barton Canberra.

Opening Hours: monday 9am-4pm, tuesday 9am-6pm, wednesday: 9am-8pm, thursday 9am-8pm, friday 9am-6pm, saturday 8:30am-4pm

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