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Flower Power: Plant based hair saviours

Did you know some of your favourite Australian flora actually does wonders for your hair? Original & Mineral have always been about natural and plant based, their colour and products bridge the gap between natural and luxury. Desert limes, Lilly Pilly and even Mint all play their part.

For over two decades, Original & Mineral championed ammonia-free colour for salons as well as a naturally derived product ranges for at home use. Read about some of our favourite Australian ingredients and the wonders they do for your hair below.

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Desert Peach

Native to the Australian desert, Quandong Fruit or “Desert Peach” is a unique superfood due to its ability to ourish in dry conditions. Learning from mother nature, O&M has the moisture retention powers of this desert fruit to keep the hair healthy and hydrated during the color process. Rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C & E, and phenolic acids, these properties condition and protect the hair and scalp from oxidative stress.

Desert Lime

Rich in methoxy avone glycosides – limocitrin. Glycosides are skin healers, making them natural repairers of the scalp. This special lime also helps in absorption of vital nutrients needed for healthy hair.

Wattle Seed

Coveted by Australian Aboriginals for over 40,000 years, this plant-based protein aids in cell regeneration and synthesis of keratin during the color process. Rich in Folate, B12, Zinc, Magnesium it prevents damage of the hair, skin and scalp.

Coconut Oil

One O&M’s hero ingredients, Organic Coconut Oil not only defrizzes the hair and nourishes the scalp, its unique molecular structure also aids in color molecule penetration and promotes healthy hair growth.

Macadamia Oil

Part two of O&M’s Signature Oil Blend, Macadamia Oil is a native Australian ingredient renowned for its hydration and conditioning bene ts for the hair and scalp.

Lilly Pilly

Famous for its rich astringent content, Lilly Pilly helps build firmness into the hair, making it a great ingredient for hair sprays. While its high antioxidant content helps to slow down your hairs ageing process leaving it healthier more nourished and better able to combat problems such as hair loss and premature greying.

Australian Mint

Possibly one of our favourite ingredients, mint stimulates circulation and  hair follicles – it’s get’s things moving, cleanings the scalp of free radicals, dust, dirt and old product build up.  It also helps maintain the natural pH of your scalp, which controls excessive oil production.

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Words: Ruby Noble – Images: Original & Mineral

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