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Lets Talk Grey Hair

For many women and men, the thought of having grey hair in the near or distant future fills them with dread. Grey hair is a topic we get a lot of questions about. A few weeks ago we ask our instagram audience to ask us all their grey hair questions.

Here are some of the most common questions:

Q: “if i pull out the grey hair will it grow back grey and is it worse?”
A: The simple answer, the grey hair will grow back, its not worse in the sense that two will grow back in its place, however its best to avoid pulling out your hair in general.

Q: “Do i have to go grey or can i keep colouring my hair?”
A: If you want to keep colouring your hair and covering your greys thats totally up to you. We cant tell you if or when to embrace your grey but we can definitely help you along the way.

Q: “Does stress actually cause grey hair?”
A: The short answer, is sometimes. This is very dependant on the individual. Stress affects all areas of our body and can be seen through skin changes e.g. dullness, breakouts, hair growth or loss etc.

If you’re considering going grey there are a few options to get the results. Some take little to no maintenance, and some will take a few initial salon visits. Some are faster than others. Before we talk about embracing your grey lets talk about the most common option, covering grey.

Covering greys with a colour you’ve been getting for years is still a great option if you’re committed to your colour maintenance. Lets talk facts, hair grows 1.25cm a month minimum so if you’re 100% grey, meaning every strand is growing our grey from the root this means you’ll need to consider booking regrowth colour or T-section appointments as regularly as 3-4 weeks.

Whats a ‘T-Section’ you ask? A t-section is an express colour add on service that can be added to a haircut or blowdry. This colour involves hand painting the greys in your centre part and hairline, your most visible greys.

So, whats a ‘Regrowth colour? This is a service that involves hand painting your full regrowth, every strand.

But what if you want to embrace the grey? You have a few options; let it grow out and go cold turkey on colouring or you can crete a colour plan and have one of our stylists help your transition along.

One of the best ways to embrace the grey is to actually add some highlights to your hair routine. Slowly or quickly (depending on your lifestyle and chosen outcome) adding in lighter pieces will add the illusion of a beautiful nature grey forming. These can then be toned to meet your natural greys giving you a really natural overall look.

Easy home grey maintenance? Meet Fabulous Pro its a easy home gloss treatment that will tone down, enhance or add variation to your grey. We make it custom to you and your desired colour.

We have seen some amazing grey transformations in the salon using a technique of foiling the hair, to create more lighter/grey sections in conjunction with semi permanent grey toners to match into natural regrowth. Each grey is different, each transformation is unique, book a consultation to create your bespoke grey hair care plan today.

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