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Blonde Tips From our Blondie Abbey

We LOVE blondes, creating them and caring for them. We asked our resident blondie and foiling goddess Abbey what her top tips to care for blondes both at home and in the salon.

Washing blonde hair

Hair is at its weakest when it is wet. It is important to be very gentle while shampooing blonde hair to avoid tangling which can cause matting or breakage. When you are shampooing, you should be gently massaging the shampoo onto your scalp only. Avoid any scrubbing on top of the hair or through the ends as this can result in knotty, dry hair which will cause breakage. 

*side note: always use a no nasties shampoo one thats free from silicons, sulphates, fillers and artificial fragrances.                                         

Conditioning is key.

When conditioning blonde hair, it is ideal if you can use a treatment to replace your conditioner try Davines Renaissance treatment or Original Mineral Power Base. After shampooing, towel dry your hair to get the excess water out. Towel drying is going to allow your hair to absorb much more of the treatment rather than being watered down. Next, apply your treatment through the mid lengths and ends. Comb it through gently with a wide tooth comb. Leave for a minute or two if you can and rinse out very thoroughly! Leaving any residue in the hair could result in oiliness and make your blowdry process harder and less long lasting. 

Always use multiple leave in moisturisers

Blonde hair is generally dry and brittle, meaning it is more prone to breakage and split ends. Once you have washed your hair and towel dried thoroughly, we always opt for multiple moisturiser products, some of our favourites are Davines Oi Oil and Oi All in one Milk or Original Mineral‘s Atonic and Frizzy Logic. Once you have found the perfect products for you apply these through the mid lengths and ends of your hair. Using leave in products is not only going to protect your hair but will also keeping it shiny and smooth. 

Heat protection!

This step is a MUST for all hair types but especially blondes! If you blowdry or heat style your hair use a heat protection spray before you style. This is going to prevent any burning of the hair and help to stop it from drying out which causes split ends and breakage. Our favourites are Original Mineral Atonic, which also adds volume and hold or Davines Heat Shield for gentle hold and heat protection. 

In the salon

To maintain a style and for an easy blow-dry between visits we recommend having your hair cut every 5–6 week. For blondes this is particularly important as coloured hair has a tendency to look less solid or neat and appear to have more fly aways than natural or darker hair types. Struggling with split ends? Split ends take a while to form but once you have a split end it will continue snapping up the hair strand very fast if it isn’t cut and shaped off.  The only way to get rid of split ends is to cut them off. Regular trims will ensure your ends stay strong and healthy. 

Treat yourself and treat your hair 

We are strong believers in treating oneself, as often as possible. How often do we recommend you use an at home treatment? We like to treat ourselves to an at home treatment every one to two weeks.

For at home we love Original and Mineral Power Base to rebuild and strengthen damaged hair. Its two-in-one treatment will add strength to hair but also leave it looking glossy and healthy. We also cant go past the Davines treatments The Quick Fix Circle is like a morning coffee for your hair. It hydrates and detangles hair in only 3 minutes, making it soft, silky and manageable.

In salon for blondes we recommend always using our CorRestore from Original Mineral – it isn’t just another hair conditioning treatment. What it is, instead, is system that permanently rebuilds the damaged bonds in your hair that are broken during the chemical and heat processes such as colouring and constant heat styling. If you’ve over-bleached over the years, CorRestore allows you to rebuild the strength, structure and integrity of your hair; a ‘reset’ for your locks.

Do you have any questions about caring for your blonde locks? Or are you wanting to go blonde? Email us on reception@kundalinihair.com.au or call the reception team on 02 6273 7766. Stay up to date with us on social media where we share all our favourite tips and tricks and products, Instagram: @kundalinihair or Facebook: Kundalini Hair.

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