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Olaplex Q&A

We are answering some of your most frequently asked questions about Olaplex. Olaplex can be used in your colour services or as a… Read more

Summer Hair Tips and Tricks!

Summer is well and truly here and for your hair this means its time to turn down the heat, stay hydrated add moisture and detox. Here are… Read more

Need to Know: Curly Hair!

Curly hair has a reputation for being one of the trickiest hair types to manage and style. Let our expert tips help you achieve the perfect frizz-free curls. Read more

Chop, Chop!

Thinking of chopping off the mermaid locks and embracing the hairstyle that never will never go out of fashion? Read more

One-on-One Makeup Lessons & Becca Cosmetics !

 Learn the tricks of the trade, get the perfect winged liner, highlight to perfection and ask us anything about your own makeup and explore… Read more

Review: Cezanne Smoothing Treatment

Growing up I had the most unruly and curly hair that was always plagued with frizz. Luckily, I was a pretty carefree teen so I never paid much attention to the state of my hair. These days I am all about straightening and hair oils and trying to keep my hair as frizz free and as manageable as possible. Read more

Need to know: Colour Change!

We LOVE a colour change more then anyone. But before you decide you can rock dark eyebrows and blonde hair better then a Kardashian or you want to join the dark side like Hadid there are a few things you need to know. Read more

Need to Know: Mens Hair

Alright gents listen up! We have left you to your own devices for too long. We're talking mens products, styles, tips and tricks! Read more

Need to Know: Blonde Babes

The only thing Kundalini Hair, Canberra loves more then beautiful bright #blondes is healthy happy blondes. Read more

Need to know: How often should you have your hair cut and why?

It may sound counterintuitive, but the trick to strong, healthy hair is getting it cut. But how often should you really be getting your hair cut? Read more