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Vegan. Naturally Derived. Gluten FREE. Plant Based. CØR.colour

For over two decades, Original & Mineral championed ammonia-free colour for salons dedicated to giving their clients and stylists the cleanest, healthiest colour experience. Read more

Need to know: Easy Hair Tips!

We know people are getting busier and busier and sometimes our hair, skin and beauty routines fall by the wayside so we have put together out top five hair tips that will keep you looking and feeling like you're on top of your hair health even if you're really not. Read more

Meet the team: Premier stylist Janette

Have you met Janette? Over the next few weeks we are introducing you to your favourite stylist and a few of our unsung heroes. Read more


Here our our top three lazy girl Valentines day looks that will take from from the workplace to your date night wonderfully and they are perfect for all hair lengths and types. Read more

Need to Know: Beachy Waves

Everyone loves effortless beachy waves! But getting the perfect loose curls can be a little daunting. We have broken down the look to help you get the perfect ‘i woke up like this’ curl at home. Read more

Need to know: Growing your hair

Unfortunately there is no magical potion for long hair, or we would all have mermaid locks like Blake Lively. Here are our healthy hair… Read more

Need to know: Instagram Worthy Gym Hair!

We don't know about you, but for us half the fun of exercising — aside from the adrenaline rush and boost of endorphins, is getting to reward yourself post workout. Our favourite reward? Brunching. You deserve it. But before we get off topic and start retelling off our favourite Canberra brunch haunts, let’s discuss your post-workout hair options, shall we? Read more


This year we are launching our hair and beauty masterclass nights. To kick things off we are helping you get that 'i just left the salon'… Read more

Need to Know: How often should i have a haircut?

It may sound counterintuitive, but the trick to strong, healthy hair is getting it cut. But how often should you really be getting your hair cut? Read more

Meet the Team: Amy, Senior Stylist

Have you met Amy? Over the next few weeks we are introducing you to your favourite stylists and a few of our unsung heroes. We have asked all our staff to answer a few questions to help you get to know them better and help make choosing the right stylist for you easier. Read more

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