A guide to Olaplex

Olaplex is back – Olaplex is the must-have treatment for your hair! Go lighter, promote hair growth, change your hair colour, or simply treat your hair from the inside out with the Olaplex range.

What is Olaplex?

The treatment works by repairing bonds within the hair shaft, known as disulfide bonds. These bonds are broken during the process of hair colouring, from heat, or from general wear and tear, resulting in hair that is weakened and damaged. Repairing the bonds improves the condition and texture of hair. Olaplex allows us to push the envelope further on all hair types, without compromising the integrity of your hair during the colouring process.

Why Olaplex?

Olaplex has been tested on virtually every hair type, and it works. There are no ends to its talent! It is free from silicone, sulphates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes and is not tested on animals.

We can add Olaplex to any of your colour services, no extra time is needed. We also use Olaplex as a standalone treatment if your hair needs some TLC.

  • Favourite at home products

    No. 0

    Strengthen and nourish hair with this professional-inspired treatment from Olaplex. Formulated to prime hair for deeper repair while rebuilding hair bonds, strengthening, and protecting hair integrity. Designed to use as the first step in a two-part at-home system with No.3 Hair Perfector to strengthen and repair all types of damaged hair.

  • Favourite at home products

    No. 3

    Olaplex’s bestselling at-home treatment reduces breakage and visibly strengthens hair, improving its look and feel. Not to be confused with a conditioner, this nourishing formula is designed to repair damaged and compromised hair, strengthen and protect hair structure and restore healthy appearance and texture. pH-balanced and ideal for both chemically-treated and untouched hair.

  • Favourite at home products

    No. 7

    Infused with patented Olaplex Bond Building technology, No.7 smooths, conditions and strengthens without adding hold or excess weight. This leave-in reparative styling treatment is excellent for all hair types, including curly, dry, coloured and chemically-treated hair. Speeds up blow dry time while smoothing and softly defining air-dried curls. Also reduces frizz and flyaways for up to 72 hours.

How to use Olaplex at home

Love your in-salon Olaplex treatment? Continue the repair at home with our Olaplex haircare range. Follow the six-step routine below!

Starting with dry hair, completely saturate your hair from root to tip with Olaplex No.0 straight from the bottle. You’ll want to work in sections to ensure you get everything and work the product through with your fingers as you’ve applied to each section.

Wait for 10 minutes, and then, without rinsing, apply your Olaplex No.3 treatment from root to tip.

Comb through gently with a wide-tooth comb.

Leave Olaplex in your hair for a minimum of 10 minutes (or longer for compromised hair). While you wait, you could shave your legs, do a body brush, sort through your bathroom products – or just sit back and relax!

Rinse out, then shampoo and condition per normal routine.

Use once or twice a week for maximum benefits.


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