The Perfect Blowdry

Ever wondered why your silky-smooth, shiny and bouncy blow-dry lasts so long after visiting the hairdresser, but not when you do it at home? You too can get a professional blow-dry from the comfort of your home using these simple steps. So, what are you waiting for? Become the master of your own blow-dryer!

Ready to master your hair?

A great blow-dry starts with a good foundation and the right products. Using a heat protectant, moisturiser, serum or cream will not only aid in cutting down your drying time but give you a longer-lasting and smoother result. Get the most out of your products by really working them into the hair, like you would a facial moisturiser. We always encourage layering your prescribed products over one another massaging each into the hair to harness their full potential.


It’s important that your hair is brushed, washed and conditioned before you start. Once you’ve washed your hair, wrap it in a towel to absorb as much moisture as possible. Your hair should be 60-70% dry before you start to brush and blow-dry.

  1. Unwrap your hair and start massaging your roots, then ends, with the towel. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing the hair and scalp as this can cause knots.

  2. Spray hair with a leave-in moisturiser, serum, or oil and heat protector through the middle and ends of hair. Most hair types need multiple leave-in products to add moisture, hold and shine back into the hair.

  3. Work your products into your hair, by running your hands from the scalp to ends – pushing the products in.

  4. Use a detangling brush to gently remove tangles. Don’t tug your hair with a comb, as wet hair breaks easily.

  5. Apply your prescribed styling products: a volumiser and a mousse to thicken and expand hair. These will help the hair to hold your style.

  6. Start by using a powerful blow-dryer with a nozzle. Always point the blow-dryer down from the top of your head. This helps close the hair shaft which gives you a smoother finish.

  7. Gently blow-dry your roots, staying away from your ends. Once most of the moisture has been removed, you can section your hair using clips or hair bands. Section hair from the bottom, around from the temple, and then above the ears.

  8. Work your way up by blow-drying your hair from the back of the head, around to the front of the head.

  1. Using a round brush with a ceramic centre will create a smoother finish. Gather sections only as wide as the brush.

  2. Blowdry your roots dry then use your brush. If you want lift and volume, use your hands to comb and stretch your roots up as you blow-dry.

  3. Choose quality products. These are essential for a healthy scalp and hair, and will ensure your blow-dry will last longer.

  4. When using hairspray, spray lightly and from a distance. Heavy spray causes build-up and causes your finished blow-dry to collapse.

  5. Use a silk pillowcase at night, as it will make your blow-dry last longer.

  1. Blow-dry the ends until you’ve removed most of the moisture!

  2. Scrub or vigorously rub your hair to remove moisture as this can cause frizz.

  3. Blast dry hair and disrupt cuticle

  4. Miss any steps

  5. Avoid nasties! Instead, use quality products.


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