Our Salon Policies & Service Agreements

Our policies are here to ensure the smooth sailing of our salon and to ensure you receive the best possible service in a calm and professional environment. Please familiarise yourself with our policies prior to booking or attending an appointment at Kundalini.


We require a deposit to secure all appointments. This amount comes off the final bill for your service or stays on your account to secure your subsequent booking if you have multiple appointments booked at Kundalini. A new deposit will be required when you re-book for future appointments.

If you need to reschedule for any reason, your deposit will remain on your account as a credit for future bookings or product purchases.

If you need to cancel or reschedule we require 48 hour’s notice, if you cancel within this time the deposit is forfeited. A new deposit will be required when you re-book for future appointments.

*Cezanne bookings require a $150 deposit and 7 days notice if you wish to cancel or reschedule.


We require 48 hours’ notice minimum for any changes to your appointment regardless of the reason. This might include; rescheduling, canceling, or modifying the appointment services. If you make changes to your appointment without the minimum 48 hours notice you will need to pay for the service you have booked in with our stylists and no future appointments can be made until this is done.


Please ensure you respond to your confirmation text, if you have not done this yet please do this now! We cannot hold appointments that aren’t confirmed. Unconfirmed appointments will be canceled at our discretion.

Service Change Of Mind:

If you have booked a colour and cut with us and decide you no longer need one of these services, you will need to inform us at least 48 hours prior to your appointment if not sooner. We cannot hold appointments. If you change your mind on the day you will still need to pay for the original time booked.

When to book:

Our salon is cleaned daily by our team and is also professionally cleaned every Monday. If you are health or immunocompromised and would like to be in the salon during the quietest time we recommend visiting us first thing in the morning, Tuesday morning apps are the first after our professional deep clean each week.


In order to secure your preferred service date and time, we ask you to please book your appointment in advance. In instances we cannot facilitate your preferred time, our team would love to add you to our waitlist, upon request.

Appointment Timing:

We have worked extremely hard to accommodate clients with the correct timing and flow in line with restrictions. This hasn’t been easy and our usual day-to-day services will be very different. Due to larger regrowths and longer hair, your appointment may take slightly longer than usual so please allocate time for this.

Quiet Appointments:

Now more than ever we understand the need for quiet. Please let our reception team know if you’d prefer a quiet appointment, this is an appointment that leaves small talk at the door, your stylist will simply offer their professional advice on your service and any home haircare needed then leave you to relax, work, read or meditate.

Arriving at the salon:

Please be on time and please call ahead and advise us if you will not be on time as your desired service may have to be altered to accommodate our strict capacity limits. And in saying that we apologise In advance if you have to wait a few minutes in a separate designated waiting area before your appointment.  When you enter the salon please wash your hands at our wash station.


If you would like a quote please ask for one before your service commences.

Service guarantee:

We have a 7 day service guarantee, please contact us as soon as possible should you wish to discuss your service. We cannot guarantee services after this time.

We cannot guarantee services where inferior hair care products are used at home as they contain colour stripping ingredients. We do not offer refunds on services however we will work with you to ensure your hair is as desired.

We do not offer ‘change of mind’ redos or refunds, if you have chosen to change your colour or cut e.g. you chose to go lighter but now want to go darker again or you chose to have a curtain fringe but would now like a full fringe this is your choice to do so and a fee will be allocated if a follow up appointment is made to make changes.