At Kundalini we offer a tiered pricing structure based on a stylist’s years of experience in hair, and different milestones they have achieved. This means if you’re getting a simpler style done, you don’t have to pay more than is needed for the service, and if you’re undertaking a big transformation, we can book you in with a stylist who is the right fit for you.

Haircut and Blowdry

Our full-service haircuts include a shampoo and conditioning ritual in our relaxing quiet basin room followed by cut and blow dry.

At Kundalini the difference between a trim and a haircut is only the amount of hair that is cut-off. The cutting process and time is exactly the same. Regular trims are a great service to have to reshape and freshen up your hairstyle.

Haircut and Blowdry


An additional cost of $35+ and extra time is allocated for restyle hair cuts as well as very long or thick hair.


$135 - $165

Clipper Cut


Full-service Clipper Cut



Children’s haircuts: We do not offer a ‘children’s haircut’ price. Please follow the outlined prices above for a guide.



Wash & Blowdry

From $85

Saturday Wash & Blowdry

From $95

Post colour blowdry

From $65

Occasion hair (wash, blowdry & hot tool or roller style)

From $100

Additional styling post blowdry or haircut

From $25


All services at Kundalini start with a thorough consultation, if you’d like to come in at a separate time, we offer a dedicated appointment with one of our specialised stylists to discuss your needs. Please bring in any imagery that will assist in determining what result you are aiming for. The consultation charge is redeemable against the next appointment booked after the consultation.

15 minutes duration to understand your hair needs. Please note that a deposit will be taken for your booked appointment after your consult.


Hair Colouring

Your health and our health are of the highest importance. At Kundalini we only use professional, toxic-free colour, devoid of Ammonia, PPDs, Parabens, Resorcinol which is cruelty-free, not tested on animals, and derived from plants based ingredients. Our priority is to use the best products available and to do our best to ensure that the integrity of your hair is not compromised during your visits to our salon. We believe that hair colour is a healthy choice.

(T-section must be followed by a haircut or full price blowdry)

From $65


From $85

Partial Highlighting

From $155

1/2 Head Highlighting

From $195

3/4 Head Highlighting

From $235

Full Head Highlighting

From $265


From $65

Bleach regrowth & toner


Bleach virgin application


Balayage touch up & toner

From $275

Balayage first application


Please note, all colour work must end with either a haircut or post-colour blow dry, please specify which you would like at the time of booking. Your post colour blowdry will be booked with a member of our emerging or styling team. Requesting an alternate stylist will incur additional cost.

From $65


Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treatment reduces frizz and delivers smoother, stronger, healthier, more manageable, and beautiful hair that lasts for months. It is a three-step treatment that takes around three hours in the salon.

Cezanne changes the hair without the damaging effects of formaldehyde, an ingredient in other smoothing and straightening treatments. Available Tuesday – Friday between 9am and 1pm. Please allow 3+ hours for your service.

From $450


Introducing the Heal Light, for your total wellbeing, a treatment not just for your skin. Looking for a moment of conscious declaration? Take some time to escape, lay back, close your eyes, take some slow breaths and listen to our heal playlist. Heal light is a true feel-good, look-good treatment. The new Medilux Heal Light treatment is something you can do every so often or add to your weekly self-care routine on a regular basis.

The Heal Light in our calm room takes around 25 minutes and includes a pre-cleanse, the light session, and finishes with a serum. It is a perfect add-on before a haircut or blowdry when you are looking to add more calm to your day.


The Heal Light in our calm room takes around 25 minutes and includes a pre-cleanse, the light session, and finishes with a serum. It is a perfect add-on service  and for a limited time we are discounting your Heal Light service when you book it before a cut or blowdry.


5 sessions for 325


10 session for 600