About The Salon

Escape with Kundalini.

We are a luxury hair salon located in Barton, Canberra. Led by Salon Director Susie, who has been at the forefront of Canberra’s hairdressing scene for over 30 years.

Our goal for all our clients is simple: we’re here to help you curate your radiance. We are passionate about delivering holistic hair services that leave you feeling confident, educated and empowered.

Pioneering the clean haircare movement in Canberra, Susie aims to provide her clients and the community with products and hair colour backed by science and nature – everything selected is free of nasties, good for you, good for the planet.

  • About Us

    Careful Curation

    We use our expert knowledge and take careful consideration to help select and craft the best hairstyle and hair care routine for you. We always look at the whole picture, from your face shape and complexion through to your lifestyle.

  • About Us

    Conscious Deceleration

    We believe in conscious deceleration, which is why we have established our Quiet Basin Room, pre-service essential oil message ritual, Kundalini Comforting Tea, chill playlists, and an ambiance that allows you to enjoy a retreat from the everyday.

  • About Us

    Considered Products

    When you’re looking for more, we have a curated selection of body, beauty, and lifestyle products available at K-Store. Find products from brands such as Weleda, Forraged for you, Slip Pillowcases and Addition Studio. We choose products backed by science and nature – everything selected is free of nasties, good for us, good for the planet.

Our Stylist Levels

Emerging Stylists

Have gone through our very rigorous training program. They are your best category for basic colouring like regrowth maintenance and blow-drying as these are the services they perform every day!

Senior Emerging Stylists

Are in their final months of their apprenticeship. They have mastered all the services that they offer in the salon to the highest of our industry standards.

Senior Stylists

Are talented, fully qualified stylists who have all the skills and are well established within the industry, offering colouring and cutting services.

Master Stylists

Are our most senior stylists. They have extensive industry experience and training. They offer advanced cutting, curly hair cutting, short hair cutting and highly technical colouring.


  • Susie

    Salon Director & Director Colourist


    Master Stylist & Colourist

  • Blaise

    Master Colourist & Stylist


    Master Cutter & Barber

  • Monique

    Emerging Stylist & Colourist

  • Paula

    Client Concierge & Colourist

  • Daisy

    Senior Stylist & Colourist

  • Bella

    Emerging Colourist

  • Chandima

    Blow-dry Specialist


    FOH & Salon Coordinator

  • Ruby

    Operations Coordinator