Wash This Way

It’s something we all do on a weekly or near-daily basis, but could the reason behind those ‘bad hair days’ be because you’re washing your hair the wrong way? Follow these simple steps to healthier and happier hair.

Get the right products.

Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair is key to your shampoo ritual. Look for high quality products that are free from sulphates, synthetic silicons, parabens and detergents. Your stylist and the Kundalini reception team can help prescribe the right range for you.  But that’s not all, great hair loves moisture, so add some leave-in products for healthy hair.

Get the right products.

1. Brush your hair before you get into the shower. To remove loose hair, reduce hair breakage, disrupt product build up and stimulate circulation in your scalp.

2. Wet hair thoroughly, roots to ends

3. Use a 20c size dollop of detoxing shampoo, emulsify into the palm of your hands. Apply shampoo, evenly into your scalp, starting at nape and crown and then use circulating movements with your fingers. A quality shampoo won’t have a big lather, so wait a few seconds then add a little more water and work this into your hair. This will emulsify your shampoo, so that it can reach its full potential and improve scalp circulation.

4. Completely rinse shampoo 1 out of your hair by lifting hair with your hands during the rinse. You can hear bubbles if you haven’t rinsed well, so rinse again.

5. Repeat for a second time with prescribed shampoo. Rinse once again. The rinse is completed when your hair feels ‘squeaky’ clean.

6. Once your hair is completely cleansed, wring-out the excess water.

7. Use a 20c piece of conditioner, spread over your hands and apply starting with the mid-lengths of your hair to the ends. This will detangle hair, hydrate damaged ends and make your hair easier to manage.

8. Apply excess conditioner lightly into the roots.

9. Comb through thourilly and lightly massage the conditioner from your roots to ends. Pushing your product into the mods and ends.

10. Your final rinse! You know that silky, almost slimy feeling? That means there is still product in your hair. Rinse well, until your hair feels a little more tacky.

11. Once finished, use a separate towel (we love hair wraps). Leave for a few minutes.

12. Gently pat or lightly scrunch your hair with a towel. Wet hair is very sensitive and easily damaged, so don’t vigorously rub it dry. Instead, comb and detangle damp hair without using force.

13. Apply all you leave-in products, one after the after sealing with an oil.

Less is more:

While some may need to wash their hair more regularly than others, washing your hair every day is too often for anyone. Over-washing on any hair type will remove important natural oils and sebum, and will leave your hair feeling dry and brittle.

Other signs of over-washing include colour beginning to fade, frizziness and a flaky or irritated scalp.

Shampoo twice, but why?

We recommend having two shampoos and one conditioner in your vanity because we always shampoo twice and then condition. We recommend this because it means you run out of all your hair care at once instead of always running out of shampoo first. 

The first shampoo is to detox the scalp and cleanse the hair. It opens up the cuticle and removes product build-up, environmental pollution and oils. The second shampoo should be one designed for your hair type or your desired outcome, for example, if you have curly hair you’ll want a shampoo that is designed to support your curls. 

And the conditioner adds hydration and simply closes the cuticle, so then you’ll need to apply styling and hydrating leave-ins to add moisture into the hair to repair it.

Top Tips:

  1. For best results, shampoo your hair every 2–3 days, and use dry shampoo in-between to help stretch it out.

  2. Avoid shampooing daily as this causes your scalp to overproduce oil.

  3. Rinsing hair with cool water after your conditioner will seal the cuticles ensuring a smooth blow-dry.

  4. Hair treatments help repair porous hair shafts and can be used once a week.

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