Our top 8 tips for healthy locks this winter

Winter weather is harsh on all hair textures and types. Just like skin, hair needs protection from the cold to remain soft and healthy.

We all want lovely locks to show off when spring (finally) comes! Find some of our top Winter haircare tips below!

Hydration is key:

Always important but especially so in Winter (and Summer) is good hydration for our hair, skin and general well being. We recommend heaps of H2O accompanied by hydrating hair products to add back moisture and hydration lost from cold winds, overheated offices and dry air.

Gently does it:

Love your hair. Giving your hair a good scrub with a towel may make the drying process faster but in the long run it makes your hair knotted and irritates the hair cuticle. In Winter its especially important to treat your locks with care as the shift in temperature and case an increase in split or dry ends.

Don’t leave the house with wet hair:

Wet hair is more vulnerable to damage than dry hair. Walking outside in Winter with a wet head can cause hair to freeze and snap. It’s best to blow dry your hair before leaving the house and add a serum or oil like Davines Oi Oil post blowdry to seal the cuticle and add extra nourishment.

Wash Less:

If you’re someone who washes their hair every day, it’s time to switch things up. Over-washing your hair will strip it of natural oils that help to keep hair moisturised and protected. This is especially bad in the winter when those oils are much needed. Try extending the time between your washes as much as possible by using a dry shampoo, it opens up the hair shaft and brings life back to your hairstyle.

Treat yourself:

Moisturising is the name of the game for Winter hair care.  Hair masks are quick and easy to use and are apart of our weekly routine all year round but are especially important in Winter when hair is dry and lacklustre.

We love:

O&M Power Base to rebuild and strengthen damaged, dry, bleached, postpartum or dehydrated hair. Its two-in-one treatment will add strength to hair but also leave it looking glossy and healthy.

Davines Let It Go Circle Treatment a relaxing scalp and hair mask which provides a true wellbeing experience: softness, hydration and comfort for hair and scalp needing a break.

Protect your locks:

Use leave-in products when washing to replenish moisture and combat the effects of hot styling tools, indoor heating, and cold Winter winds.

We finish all our in salon basin rituals with a few sprays of O&M Know Knott – designed to detangle and hydrate, just spray on towel dried hair – it’s the perfect post shower product for blow-dried or air-dried hair to add in nourishment.


Trimming your hair every four to eight weeks is a good way to maintain hair health and keep your locks looking fresh. Regular trims reduce the chance of developing dry, split ends and keep your hair easy to manage and style.

Switch your water up!

Good haircare starts with the water you’re using. Harsh water can dry out the hair and even strip colours. We are loving our Filtered Beauty filters which help eliminate hidden nasties from your shower water. It will helps improve your hair, skin and health by removing toxins which are present in your shower water.

Cut your blowdry time in half:

Just because we recommend never leaving the house with wet hair doesn’t mean you need to add an hour onto your morning routine. By gently towel dry your hair to at least 60-70% you cut down on your drying time by half (because no body has time for a 45minute blow dry). The key is to cut down on friction, so stop rubbing damp hair with a towel, for best results; gently wrap your hair in a hair wrap for 10 minutes or gently scrunch or pat dry thoroughly and brush through before applying your leave-in products and drying.

Some Winter Haircare Must Haves