Lets get to washing

When the time comes to hair wash day we know it can sometimes feel like a chore or another task that you need to squeeze into your schedule.

But what if washing your hair didn’t have to feel like a chore and felt more like a relaxing ritual. 

Lets create a ritual

To create your wash day ritual, first select a shampoo and conditioner that are free of harsh chemicals such as sulphates, parabens, and silicons to nourish your hair and your health.

Set up your space to be a relaxing environment by lighting a candle or dimming your lights.

Give yourself a few minutes beforehand to calm your mind, a good time to do this is during your pre wash hair brush.

It’s also important to actually like the way your haircare smells as this can greatly add to your overall wash experience.  The next time you visit the salon as to experience a new shampoo in the basin or for a recommendation based on smells you enjoy! 

Find the time

Make a wash schedule: Plan your wash days, and figure out what frequency works best for your hair type. You may be washing more often than you need to, which means using more product in your hair and potentially stripping it of its healthy oils. Washing often may also case wash fatigue, washing less will make wash day feel more exciting. 

Add a little extra to your experience

Do a deep treatment: Your hair can always use some extra moisture, and what better way to do so than with a hair mask or two? Start by cleansing your scalp with our Solu Scalp Scrub Mask for gentle, thorough exfoliation, and finish with the Davines Renaissance Circle try leaving it on anywhere from 3-10 minutes for deep nourishment.

Wash Day Ritual Must Haves !